Canada 150: A short story of Canadian-Israeli friendship

In 1947, Canada was one of eleven nations that made up the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine. Established in May, the committee’s September report supported the termination of the British mandate in Palestine and proposed the famous partition plan that would be adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 29 November 1947.

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    There is more. In 1948, Canadians volunteered to fight for Israel in various capacities. It began in 1946, when Ben-Gurion sent a trusted engineer to New York to set up an arms industry, including acquiring surplus machinery from the “Arsenal of Democracy.” Having obtained the design of a light assault weapon, the engineer met with a Canadian manufacturer to build prototypes and set up production lines. Thus Israel’s arms industry began in a garage on Bloor Street. Eventually, the entire production line was smuggled into Israel. A Canadian industrial engineer, Max Brown, also transited to assist setting up the arms factories, which during the war in 1948, also manufactured mortars, ammunition, and toward the end, rocket-propelled grenades.

    Combat volunteers included Canada’s greatest air ace, Buzz Buerling, who was killed on takeoff flying to Israel from Italy. His death made headlines, which led to a group of sixteen Canadian pilots volunteering. They arrived as Israel acquired 50 Spitfires from Czechoslovakia, the same plane they flew during the war. Not one enemy aircraft penetrated Israeli airspace while these Spitfires patrolled the skies.

    Finally, an important Canadian volunteer in 1948 was Maj. Ben Dunkelman, who had been awarded the DSO when he commanded the Queen’s Own Rifles in the battles that wiped out German forces west of the Rhine. In Israel, he was given command of the Seventh Brigade, which won major victories in Galilee, liberating the holy city of Nazareth and driving out the enemy all the way to the Lebanon border.

    • Very nice. And it took an American to instill a little Canadian pride in me on Canada Day — thank you.

      Especially since I’m sitting here watching CBC (once or twice a year I get curious) and the State broadcaster never fails to remind me why I’ve grown to hate this place. It represents everything that is wrong with this country — fascist Socialism and identity politics. What did I learn from the CBC today? How to safely use firecrackers (which are only legally permitted in Canada on two days of the year). Canada is already so fucking “safe” that it’s like a virgin guarded in a tower in a castle, surrounded by a moat filled with crocodiles, and she’s wearing an iron chastity belt.

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            Permission to do fuck all.

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      Sometimes when you change a job you find the old one is still very deep in your blood.

      • You are so right. And in my own case on a number of levels.

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    More Islamphobia.

    Anything that includes Zionists and Jews is inherently anti-Islam!

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