Anti-Semitism Is Creeping Into Progressivism

Last weekend, organizers of a gay pride parade in Chicago ejected three people carrying pride flags emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David. Subsequent bizarre statements attempting to rationalize their action, claiming that Zionism is “an inherently white supremacist ideology” only exacerbated the sense that the organizers were deaf to the concerns of the Jewish community and engaged in anti-Semitism — denying Jews the same rights that were extended to other participants, basically to celebrate their identities as Jewish queer women.

  • Bernie

    The left is always looking for a Scapegoat and our Social patterns are following the same behaviors as they had in the 1930’s . Intellectually honesty is not the purview of the left. So, find the worlds smallest minority as a ratio from world population ( 14 Million ) and try to destroy them once again!

  • Sharkibark


  • Norman_In_New_York

    “Antisemitism is the socialism of fools.” – Karl Kautsky, founder of the German SPD.

  • Jaedo Drax

    How does something “creep into” it’s natural home?

  • WalterBannon

    Creeping Into??

    Anti-Semitism is at the core of Progressivism, and it has been since it was founded as a Marxist / proto-fascist ideology.

    • Reader

      Progressivism is just a relabeling of Socialism and Marxism to put on a friendly facade.

      Anti-Semitism has been an integral part of it all since 1843 when Karl Marx wrote “On The Jewish Question”.