The coming crash of the lawless media

Ormer Locklear Flies through a Breakaway Church Steeple for the Climax of the Motion Picture The Skywayman

The so-called Sullivan rule, which largely freed the media from pursuit by libel lawyers, is the gold standard in American newsrooms. Gold doesn’t collect tarnish. Nevertheless, thoughtful publishers, editors and libel lawyers warn that when anything goes and irresponsibility is regarded as a virtue, the media will eventually see its checks returned marked “insufficient funds.” It takes a clever man or institution to overdraw an unlimited checking account.

Sniping and rock-throwing at Donald Trump, a game that any number can play and nearly everybody does, has become a game with no rules and no referees, and worse, no editors to restrain obstreperous children breaking up the furniture.

  • robins111

    My personal belief is that these bottom feeders should be sued to the point they’re pushing a bent shopping cart collecting pop cans to eat.

  • simus1

    These are just childish theatrics to keep everyone busy while the big marxist brains try to figure out a way out of their stupid over reach for the final big brass ring to permanent rule power that wasn’t even there