Syria war: Almost 500,000 refugees return in 2017 – UN

Almost 500,000 Syrians have returned to their homes this year, the UN says, describing this as a “notable trend”.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says more than 440,000 internally displaced Syrians and about 31,000 of those who fled abroad have now come back.

Most of them have returned to Aleppo, Hama, Homs and Damascus with the aim of checking on their properties and finding out about family members.

But the UNHCR warns the conditions for a safe return “are not yet in place”.

Speaking on Friday, UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic said his agency was now seeing a “notable trend of spontaneous returns to and within Syria” in 2017.

Hope Justin reads this.

  • Maggat

    OK now, have I got this right? Refugees are returning to their home lands. Does this mean they’ll now leave Canada and Europe?
    I’ll not hold my breath.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      I guarantee they won’t be leaving any first world country, unfortunately.

    • shasta

      Summer vacation.

  • marty_p


  • But … but … what are the Liberals going to do for voters blocks?

  • marty_p

    Meanwhile in Toronto – Mayor Tory vote whores joining Syrian refugees for a free Canada Day picnic lunch:

  • Norman_In_New_York

    One of Trump’s campaign promises was to induce the Gulf Arab countries to set up and maintain safety zones within Syria for displaced people. Let’s see if he follows through with ISIS now on the ropes.