Shooter opens fire inside Bronx Lebanon Hospital: cops

Upperdate – Police: Gunman Dead After Shooting At Bronx Lebanon Hospital; Up To 6 Shot In Incident

UPDATE:3 Doctors Shot Inside Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center – Gunman still at large, 5-6 wounded, employee suspected

“Active shooting in Bronx Leb. Two confirmed shot. Man dressed all in black. Smoke from the 16th floor,” the NYPD Special Operations Division posted to Twitter.

Twitter – Bronx Lebanon Hospital

  • andycanuck

    If he’s shooting plastic surgeons, then I blame Trump.

    • ontario john

      Its those damn Russian spies!!

    • His last name is Bello. It’s the Italo-American Catholic global Jihadists again — I knew it!

      Shooter is “neutralized” and thank goodness Mayor Bill De Blasio is on his way — I’m sure he’ll bring clarity, explaining how the NRA and Trump did it.

  • ontario john

    AND BREAKING NEWS FROM OTTAWA!! We sure have diverse indian tribes in Canada. The CBC is on the scene where a second confrontation between police and a group trying to erect a second teepee is happening. The spokes person for the group is a black muslim woman with a bag over her head. The rest of the group consists of more black muslims with bags over their heads, black men, white social justice workers, and one actual indian. They were trying to erect a second teepee when the racist police moved in. One of the speakers seems to be auditioning for a rapper position. I guess little Justin’s first trip to the original teepee didn’t work out so well. Perhaps he should have worn his ramadan socks. Its going to be a great Canada Day in Ottawa. Its so diverse!

    • Alain

      I was about to comment that dimes to doughnuts the shooter is either Muslim or black. Too bad there wasn’t a contest with a big prize.

      • Why black? Black people aren’t especially known for domestic mass murder — in the U.S. it’s almost exclusively a white phenomenon. Blacks may be statistically higher for other crimes, but mass murder has never been one of them.

        • Watchman

          Just the results of a quick search:

          I recognise that a bunch of murders doesn’t indicate the prevalence which should be in a ‘rate per 100,000 population’ comparison between black and white mass murders.

          I’m not sure that we need to compare mass murder rates anyway – should we be just comparing rates of murder and assault between black and white? Is being killed in a mass murder spree really different from a simple single murder? The main way I could see any difference is in the randomness of the deaths.

          I would expect that most single murders amongst whites are done by people known to the murdered, as would be murders amongst blacks. I would expect that mass murders are more likely to involve strangers, which heightens a fear about them. You can often choose your friends/associates/drug-suppliers to minimise your personal risks in single murder incidents, but it might be much harder to minimise your personal risk from a random mass murder.

        • Martin B

          Blacks commit more than their share of mass shootings. They accounted for 15 out of 86 mass shootings in the US between 1982 and 2017, or 17% of the total, while they’re about 13% of the population:

          The Beltway snipers (killed 17), Colin Ferguson (killed 6 on a train in Long Island), etc.

  • tom_billesley
  • marty_p

    The name of the hospital (i.e. Lebanon) is appropriate.

  • mauser 98
  • robins111
  • Gary

    The Politician for New York in that area had assured people in his the media address that this wasn’t a terrorism attack but Work Place violence .

    Hmmm…’s pretty sad that the default position for mass slaughters it report when it’s NOT a muslim.