Germany and Islam

Germany has a bizarre historical connection with Islam that lies beneath much of the present day crisis in Europe. One could argue that these connections are just the product of historical coincidences, but with Germany the coincidences seem to add up regularly.

When one studies the age of European imperialism, Germany came late to the game, almost as an afterthought. Bismarck, for all his authoritarian faults, felt that imperialism would do Germany no good, and wanted no part of it. He was overridden by public opinion, and Bismarck’s policy was later repudiated by Kaiser Wilhelm II, who wanted Germany to take her “Place in the Sun.”

  • Brett_McS

    I think we’ll be seeing more of this sort of thing:

    Germany cancels drone deal with Israel

  • Sharkibark

    I know many individual Germans and they’re a lovely people individually. But collectively, they’ve f**ked up the entire world three times in one century. Sorry Germany, three strikes you’re out.

  • PaulW

    Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, I remember reading a quote which, paraphrasing, went something like “I love Germany so much: everyday I am so thankful that there are two of them!” The reunification of Germany has NOT been a good thing for the rest of the world, Europe in particular.

  • Waffle

    Interesting essay. Good to be reminded of stuff we tend to forget about. Background on Kaiser Bill was very interesting. Got me wondering if 300 years of Angicization of his relatives is sufficient to wash the German out of them.