Counter-terrorism was never meant to be Silicon Valley’s job. Is that why it’s failing?

Extremist content is spreading online and law enforcement can’t keep up. The result is a private workforce that’s secretive, inaccurate and unaccountable

Counter-terrorism is being slowly privatized and carried out by low-paid workers at technology companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Although these companies hire expert advisers and former government agents to tackle extremist propaganda and recruitment enabled by their platforms, much of the grunt work is carried out by contractors earning $15 an hour or, in YouTube’s case, volunteers.

The result is a private counter-terror workforce with little training increasingly employed to do the kind of work expected of law enforcement. Such work is carried out secretly, inaccurately (journalists and activists have been censored) and with little accountability.

  • Alain

    Right! For them “counter-terrorism” consists of banning all dissenting views/opinions (usually conservative) as “hate”.

    • Watchman

      Exactly. Here’s how it normally goes in stages of information on the Internet:
      1) Muslim: quotes Qur’an as reason why non-muslims must be killed or enslaved
      2) Conservative: Quotes Muslim above in step 1) as to why non-muslims are being killed or enslaved around the world
      3) Progressive complains about Conservative’s posting or articles, accuses Conservative of ‘racism’ and demands Conservative’s censoring.
      4) Other muslims also demand Conservative’s censoring for bigotry and racism. They do not condemn muslim in step 1), or claim that the quotations were taken out of context and that “islam is a religion of peace”.
      5) Muslims and Progressives team up to ‘fight racism’ against the Conservative and condemn Western Civilization as the source of everything bad in the world today.

  • Shebel

    Why bother with “counter-terrorism” when our Leaders promote Terrorism?

  • Shebel

    I am so ashamed because I really BELIEVE—-
    That the Muslims ARE HERE TO FUCK US.