$1B worth of energy wasted last year: engineers

Ontario wasted $1 billion worth of clean electricity in 2016, according to the province’s professional engineers.

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, a non-partisan body, which represents the province’s engineers, says it has crunched government hydro numbers from 2016 and they show that 7.6 terawatt-hours of clean hydro went down the drain that year. That’s equal to the amount required to power 760,000 homes – or $1 billion worth of electricity – said the group’s past president Paul Acchione.

  • irishrus

    Don’t know what the answer is but I definitely know what it is not, liberal politicians and the ‘sky is melting’ gestapo leftist troops

  • Starlord

    Why can’t they be real socialists and just say free Friday hydro or be like Saudi with oil/gas and give to us at cost… oh slap to head they sold a chunk of hydro off… and they need the tax to fucking hire more new comers to Ontario for government jobs to help diversify us.

    • canminuteman

      If they “gave it away at cost” it would actually be more expensive. The government reduced the cost of power now by spreading out the cost of the “green energy act” over a longer period of time, so our children can pay for their electricity and the electricity we are using now.

  • simus1

    The corrupt merry go round that enriches “clean, renewable, power providing” rent seeker friends of the GLLKDW regime don’t find the mega millions they legally extort from ordinary citizens via surcharged power bills to be “wasted” in any way.

  • Bla Bla

    We are venezeula.

  • It’s just energy.

  • Jaedo Drax

    I wonder if the engineers included the cost to OPG of the water that was spillaged, since they have to pay for all water, even when it isn’t used to generate power.