Natives erect teepee on Parliament Hill to counter Canada 150 celebrations

After initially being met with resistance from police, dozens of indigenous protesters erected a large teepee overnight in front of Parliament Hill’s East Block.

The demonstration was part of what was described as a “reoccupation” ceremony to counter Canada’s 150th anniversary.

They can have Ottawa as far as I’m concerned.

  • Spatchcocked

    An old old joke….

    That purchase of Manhattan for 10 dollars worth of wampum and beads ?

    Looks like the Injuns got the better of that deal.

  • Oracle9

    “Initial resistance from police”???

    Trudeau must have stepped in.

    I agree, they can have Ottawa on condition they keep Trudeau.

    • I don’t even know why he wants their votes. It’s not like they outnumber Islamists and gated white liberals.

      • Alain

        He a self-obsessed virtue-signalling empty suit and cannot pass up any such opportunity.

  • Solo712

    Wouldn’t miss a chance to spoil a party, would they !

  • Martin B

    If any natives had been so relentlessly obnoxious before the white man came along, some other tribe of natives would have roasted them and ate them for dinner.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …they’re not there on a Hunger Strike. It’s the Caviar and Prime Rib with lots of extra gravy that they’re after this time around..

  • Starlord

    When does the whinging end? Billions and billion given and each one should be a Multi millionaire but corruption and stupidity squandered it.
    At some point one has to pick up and look forward or you will not move or improve if embroiled in the past.

    Can I go back to Scotland and tell everyone on my historical family land to pay me or get the fuck off? No

  • Mark

    Do they need any blankets?

  • robins111

    That’s cultural appropriation right there setting up on a mowed lawn

  • ontario john

    Just an addition to our national day of apologizing to every special interest group in the country, living off the public tit.

  • Alain

    The majority of tribes in Canada did not even have teepees, and I suspect those doing this do not belong to any of the tribes that had teepees. That in itself is cultural appropriation as they like to call it. Will they also be wearing “white man’s” clothes, driving his vehicles, speaking his language and using his technology (iPhones, laptops, etc.)? As for losing land to stronger groups, that had already been happening throughout the Americas long before the “white man” arrived, and the “white man” had suffered the same thing elsewhere, so like it or not that is how the world and life work and always have worked. Natives are no more special victims of history than any other group, and in fact they have had a much better deal than a lot of other groups across the globe.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Call me callous, but I don’t care anymore. The well of sympathy has run dry.
    Those that focus on the past live with depression, those that focus on the future live with anxiety, those that live in the present live in peace.

  • simus1

    When the media party and participants deem there is no need to id all the folks involved, you can be fairly sure another “x lives matter” marxist fake front play is out of rehearsal and ready for prime time on the Commie Bullshitting Commune.

  • This oughta be interesting. Especially since they already named Trudeau as “Honourary Chief”, and they crowned him a magnificent head-dress (I think somebody posted the pic on BCF once). Trudeau is probably clueless so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wears the head-dress, while they’re protesting the event outside in teepees.

    Interesting thing about teepees and those huge head-dresses: neither were used by Native Canadian tribes — both are Plains Indians artifacts from the U.S. Midwest.

  • truthdareisay

    Brian Lilley speaks on this subject 580 CFRA’s live video.

  • guest

    They’ll be in good company, with groups that use similar tactics: CUPE, PSAC CAW/UNIFOR et al. They all bang drums & tin cans to make a racket about their “issues”, usually MONEY. It’s not like I have any choice in NOT paying what they want, it’s just rammed down my throat by .gov to “keep the peace”.

  • Tear it down.

  • shasta

    Perhaps a re-enactment of the north west rebellion battle of Batoche would be enlightening to the protesters. With live ammunition of course.