“Hate Group” Fatwas from SPLC’s Ayatollahs Are Losing Their Sting

As Ericka Andersen points out , Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz has been targeted as an “extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is planning to sue the left-wing group for defamation. He’s crowdfunding the lawsuit, and he’ll need a big crowd, because the SPLC is sitting on a war chest of more than $300 million amassed via junk mail by their founder Morris Dees, a member of the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame. (This hoard of cash is why my Center for Immigration Studies couldn’t sue when the SPLC added us to its “hate group” fatwa earlier this year; as Peter Thiel might say, small non-profits have no effective access to our legal system.)

Whatever the outcome of Nawaz’s lawsuit, the SPLC – whose pronouncements were once accepted without question by right-thinking people – is clearly losing its luster.