European Officials: Islamic State ‘Renewing Itself’ Despite Battlefield Losses

WASHINGTON — European security officials are increasingly worried that Islamic State’s reach will not fade even as the terror group loses its grip on Mosul and Raqqa, the twin capitals of its now-collapsing, self-declared caliphate.

Instead, they warn of an organization that has carefully reinvented itself in order to take the fight directly to the West, with Europe in the crosshairs.

“Despite the recent setback for the Islamic State on the battlefield, the group has reached a new level of capability,” Manuel Navarrette, the head of Europol’s European Counterterrorism Center, warned during a recent visit to Washington.

  • Islamic theology is the problem.

    As long as Western multi-cultist ignore this, there will be no end.

    Deal with Islamic theological reality. Or convert now.

  • shasta

    Instead of crying to Washington why doesn’t Europe do something about it; they caused the problem in their own territories after all.