Australia: Inmates trying to force Islam onto others

Prisoners are attempting to forcibly convert their fellow inmates to religion against their will, internal Corrective Services documents show.

ABC News has obtained New South Wales Government documents detailing a fight that broke out over religious lines in a Corrective Services facility last year.

The report notes the trigger was a group of prisoners attempting to forcibly “convert non-Muslim inmates to Islam”.

h/t Iron Burqa

  • Norman_In_New_York

    More proof that the most effective way to deal with jihad is to take no prisoners.

    • I think WW III will end very badly for the muslim world.

      • shasta

        One hopes. I don’t think we would enjoy the alternative.

  • fedupwithislam

    More misunderstanding of the religion of peace. I thought there was no compulsion in religion, so they say…
    Segregate, isolate, expel.

  • simus1

    Any government of any country that houses muslim criminals in the same prisons with ordinary non muslim convicts is not playing with a full deck. It’s that simple.

  • WalterBannon

    Tell the non-Muslim inmates that all Muslim deaths will be overlooked by the prison and possibly result in reduced sentence time for good behavior. That will end the Muslim prison Jihad fast.

  • Gary

    At some point , it will be cheaper to deal with the huge number of convicted muslim criminals by just putting a 18 foot high fence around mosques because there will be more in prison and on Welfare than law abiding ones with jobs.

    Either that ….or put Gold Domes on the Prisons that are 90% peaceful muslims with nothing to do with islam .

    Liberals attacked Harper over building more Prisons….. but under Justin’s ‘hug-a-terrorist ‘ open border plan for the 200,000,000+ pro-jihad muslims , we’ll have to build a new Prison per-100,000 new muslims in Canada based on the current example for Justin’s Syrian “refugees” that are ” peaceful ” .