Waging the battle for free speech

They’re fed up and they’re not going to take it anymore.

A group of university students — concerned that free speech is not just being compromised but hijacked on university campuses across Canada — will hold their first free speech summit in downtown Toronto on Wednesday evening.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Good, this a movement that needs to expand.

  • A Venezuelan with sound advice from the early 1800’s:

    “The authoritarianism of a single individual has frequently ruined Democratic Governments. The people become accustomed to obey and the authoritarian becomes accustomed to give them orders; this is where usurpation and tyranny originate”.
    (Simón Bolívar – South American Liberator)

  • Maggat

    About time, I’ll watch this with interest.

  • Canadian Born

    Now who do we to thank for this mess? Would it be wonder boy and his MPs’ not born in Canada, but are telling Canadians born here what we can say and not say? Isn’t democracy wonderful? It is wonderful only for the morons that voted our useless PM in! More than likely, these protesters will be silenced because the left will not want to listen to the truth.

  • Clausewitz

    The beauty of free speech is that it allows the Progressives to prattle on, all the while showing the world how evil, depraved, and dishonest they really are. The left wants to curtail free speech because it’s the best way to hide their agenda from the votes.

    • It is very good point (one which Locke and Stuart Mill made) but is lost on the eternally stupid.