Liberal politicization of immigration system gets even worse

Two weeks ago, I wrote that the federal Liberal government was playing partisan games with Canada’s immigration appeal system. In the name of transparency and objectivity, the Trudeau government was refusing to renew the appointments of any immigration judges who were male or who had been appointed by the Harper government.

That meant immigration appeal offices across the country would have too few adjudicators to handle the current case load.

  • Ed

    “Because its 2017.”

    That’s his political philosophy.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile, Tarek Fatah in the Toronto Sun reports on our muslim immigration minister praising the decision to let muslim terrorists keep their Cdn. status, while speaking at a mosque. And the national day of apologies in Ottawa this July 1st,, will have extensive security to protect people from our diverse muslim neighbours.

  • tom_billesley

    You can manage with fewer immigration appeal adjudicators, so long as they know that all they are expected to do is use the “appeal granted” rubber stamp.

    • Will Quest

      These were western Canada adjudicators this simpleton chose to attack ……
      His finger to western Canada …..

  • PaxCan

    The politicization of the immigration system is nothing new.

    Trudeau Sr. used it to bring in Italians, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Ugandans, etc. knowing they’ll settle in Toronto and elsewhere, vote Liberal, and break the big blue machine that gripped Ontario.

    Brian Mulroney used it by increasing immigration intake quotas beyond reason, a trend that continues to this day, to endear himself to immigrant vote banks as he sank the PC party into oblivion.

    Jean Chretien used it to open a Canadian mission in the capital city of the Punjab, the only foreign mission in the city, to facilitate the importation of Sikhs and their kin to reward Sikh voters in Canada for their loyalty (Sikhs are the LPC’s favourite ethnic pets).

    The Sun article also mentions something I suspected and greatly feared may be a possibility with these Lib. jackasses in power: amnesty which will encourage more illegal entries and border crossings. Just look at the U.S. for an example when Reagan gave an amnesty.

    It angers me to no end how immigration is now geared to the needs of the immigrants and foreigners and not to the wants and needs of us whose country we call our own. It’s like we have no title to it and Canada belongs to everyone taking not only our country away from us but our collective sense of identity, culture, history, and language. Canadians are the new natives. We have no country and Canadians don’t exist outside an official document that entitles one to vote in elections. We truly are the post-national non-state.

  • Dave

    “Best before date” Thats funny, but I think he was the load his mother should have swallowed.

  • WalterBannon

    treasonous douche Justin