Freeing Us From ISIS and Sharia

Remember the Communist Control Act of 1954?

Do I detect a note of desperation in how some of my fellow-Americans discuss how to treat terrorism, specifically the terrorist group ISIS? ISIS has grown from a small group of brutes back in President Barack Obama’s time committing various heinous crimes into a small army consisting of a few thousand, perhaps tens of thousands committing heinous crimes. ISIS and its solitary agents in Europe and America driving vehicles onto sidewalks and engaging in wanton mayhem have killed many innocent people. There seems to be no way to deal with them — at least to some Americans.

  • RICO M3 – How to jump start an Islamic reformation from the USA.

    It’s simple. We already have criminal enterprise statutes. Islam is a (cult) criminal enterprise.

    American RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) were intended to go after the mafia. The acts of Islamic mullahs and jihadis clearly falls into the same pattern as the mafia. The only difference being, Islam’s claim of an oddball form of “religious legitimacy”.

    The US should use the RICO statutes to, declare Islam, a criminal enterprise. Then close Islam down as it presently exists in the US.

    RICO allows the government to follow crime and money. Then, arrest all, and confiscate anything in its path.

    You can be sure the movement of money for jihad is widespread. You can be sure the incitement and communication between mullahs and mosques is wide spread. You can also be sure there is foreign involvement. The RICO statutes were made just for this type of activity.

    Use a small army of CPAs and attorneys to investigate every jihad attack. Follow 100% of the money back to its source. Track anyone involved, in any way. Then use the RICO statutes to jail, confiscated, and shut down all involved. That includes:

    M1 – Shutting down mosques involved in any jihad attack.

    M2 – Arrest mullahs involved.

    M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

    You can be sure there is Saudi (and other Islamic country’s) money involved. Nationalize it all, even money the Saudis have in the Western banking system. (Everything done legally.)

    There should be zero tolerance for jihad – in all forms.

    Then, only allow Islam to be practiced in the privacy of the home. There should be no public Islam.

    This US solution would shock the Islamic cult. And that is what is needed to start a real Islamic reformation.

    Our European and other international friends could also take a lesson on what is possible.

    It is long overdue to take off the PC blinders and call out Islam for what it is.