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Canadian sniper’s shot ‘entirely consistent’ with non-combat role, Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the record-breaking shot by a Canadian special forces sniper is something that should be “celebrated,” but it is also well within the realm of the military’s advise and assist role in Iraq.

During a marathon news conference Tuesday marking the end of the parliamentary sitting, Trudeau rejected recent criticism by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, who said the incident draws into question the Liberal government’s claim that Canada is involved in a “non-combat” mission against ISIS.

College offers free certification in ‘social justice work’

“The Social Justice Certificate helps participants develop tools necessary for advancing social justice in various aspects of their personal and professional lives,” the school states on its website, elaborating that “The certificate series offers a theoretical framework for understanding issues of social justice, helps participants develop the skills necessary for social justice work and gives participants direct experience communicating across differences.”

WHAT? Trudeau Blames Opposition For Budget Deficit

Justin Trudeau has gone off the deep end.

Perhaps his declining popularity ratings are starting to get to him, since he thinks he is above being questioned or challenged.

Whatever it is, his answers in a press conference today were totally absurd.

Despite having a majority government, Trudeau is blaming the Conservatives for his broken promises on the budget deficit.

Protests, looting, gov’t offices burned in Venezuela

A total of 68 stores were looted and several government offices were burned following anti-government protests late Monday and Tuesday in the city of Maracay, west of Venezuela’s capital of Caracas.

Large protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro have been regularly held in Caracas over the last three months, but significant protests have also occurred in provincial cities.

Japan is so worried about North Korea’s missiles, there’s a waiting list for bomb shelters

People in Japan have been rushing to buy nuclear bomb shelters and air purifiers because of a fear that North Korea may launch a missile attack without notice.

Now the country’s suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand, forcing people onto a waiting list.

Canada Post suspends mail delivery after crow attacks

Canada Post says it will only resume mail delivery to three addresses in East Vancouver when it’s safe, after a mail carrier was attacked by a well-known neighbourhood crow.

Shawn Bergman and his neighbours haven’t received mail for more than a month after Vancouver’s infamous Canuck the crow repeatedly attacked a carrier.

Buchanan: The West is Bringing in Peoples Who Take More in Social Welfare Than They Pay in Taxes

If Gov. Bruce Rauner and his legislature in Springfield do not put a budget together by Friday, the Land of Lincoln will be the first state in the Union to see its debt plunge into junk-bond status.

Illinois has $14.5 billion in overdue bills, $130 billion in unfunded pension obligations, and no budget. “We can’t manage our money,” says Rauner. “We’re like a banana republic.”

Speaking of banana republics, Puerto Rico, which owes $74 billion to creditors who hold its tax-exempt bonds, and $40 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, has already entered bankruptcy proceedings.

Great Britain Suffering ‘Meltdown Of A Once-great Civilization’

The United Kingdom is on the verge of breaking apart, as a van attack on Muslims leaving a London mosque raises the potential of violent exchanges between Muslims and the indigenous British population.

The supposedly conservative government of beleaguered British Prime Minister Theresa May is preparing a crackdown on “Islamophobia” in response.

And May also has cited the attack as reason to support her controversial plan to regulate the Internet, including censoring so-called “extremist” content.

Yet Britain today is already a highly regulated society. With the recent passage of the Investigatory Powers Act, the United Kingdom now has the “most sweeping surveillance powers in the western world,” according to the left-wing British paper the Guardian and dissident Edward Snowden. The United Kingdom is already well-known for its widespread use of security cameras in almost every public setting. However, despite the use of tactics some would call Orwellian, the U.K. is still struggling with a 24 percent increase in knife crimes over the last year, even with heavy government regulation of blades and a campaign against supposed media glamorization of the crime.

60 Hard Truths about “Liberals”

For those of you who do not know, especially young people, I am compelled to inform you of the generally un-known truth that the word “Liberal” has a proud heritage and was originally a word that described men who were the political opposites of modern “Liberals.”

The word “Liberal” was forcibly stolen and corrupted by evil men who intentionally perverted the use and meaning of the word. In the long forgotten past, the word “Liberal” described honorable and principled men who held to a philosophy of government that advocated Constitutional Republicanism. Constitutional Republicanism is a type of government almost unknown to most of the world. America was originally a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic defined is characterized by a very small government with limits on its powers of taxation and whose other powers are strictly limited by rigorously enforced Constitutional edicts. But modern Liberals are nothing more and nothing less than Communists, Socialists and Dictators. Modern Liberals promote, advocate and enforce the centralization of all political power into an all powerful central government. The honorable old Liberals of the 19th century must be spinning in their graves over the outrageous corruption and modern use of the word “Liberal.”

h/t Todd

Canada 150: The evolution of multiculturalism

Canada’s identity has been shaped by its people, from its original Indigenous inhabitants, to its earliest settlers, to the immigrants who have arrived from all over the planet — now representing more than 250 ethnic origins, from Afghan to Zulu — to build a new life in Canada.

They brought elements of their cultures with them, through their food, their dress, their prayers and language, contributing to the identity of Canada as it evolved into the diverse society it is today.