Birmingham Imam among 6 Muslims arrested in anti-terror raids across Europe

Police in Birmingham have arrested a 44-year-old ‘imam’ accused of supporting ISIS after a request by the Spanish authorities, it was revealed today.

The terror suspect was held at an address in Sparkhill in the early hours of this morning on suspicion of helping a gang in Majorca to recruit combatants.

West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit arrested the man on behalf of Spanish authorities who are investigating support for terror group ISIS.

The man is one of six to be detained throughout Europe, with four people in Majorca, Spain and another in Germany also arrested.

  • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

    So, let’s see here…

    Step one: Blissfully allow anyone to enter your country, and label anyone who dares question your superiority as “phobic”.

    Step two: Allow “newcomers” to murder, rape and pillage your country, and make excuses for all of them, while continuing to malign the unwashed as extreme phobic.

    Step three: Spend enormous amount of resources trying to track down and remove terrorists from your streets that came into your country, (and are getting paid by your government: welfare), when if you had just said “no” in the first place, none of these things would have happened in the first place.

    Step four: Wash, rinse, and repeat.

  • Watchman

    Obviously this imam has misinterpreted the religion of peace’s most holy books and the 1400 years of theology surrounding it. If you believe most politicians and MSM, that is.

  • The__Hammer

    So the Brits are actually trying to stop terrorism now?

    Pigs are flying

  • bargogx1

    It figures that the Brits only arrested this guy under pressure from another country.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But it is Islamophobic to label this Imam’s culture and religion as terrorism.

    I am sure the European Human Rights Commission will support him against the UK.