America’s Gang Crisis: Congressional Hearings Focus on MS-13

As with international terrorists, transnational gangs exploit immigration failures.

Failures of the immigration system are, once again, behind headline-making news reports. Last week two Congressional hearings were conducted into what has become America’s most pernicious and violent transnational gang, MS-13 that now operates in some 40 states.

  • Shebel

    Violence works.
    Even the Muslims know this.

  • Ed

    It’s not like they’re hard to spot!!!

  • MS13IsISIS

    40 States + Canada!

  • From the Frontpage comments: XSANDIEGOCA
    “It’s War. Understand this, MS13 is not impressed with our jails, laws or
    judicial system. These people are the hardest of the hard. What you
    have to do is take the prosecution of MS13 out of our judicial system,
    which can not deal with this threat, and hand it over to a Military
    Tribunal. Being a member of MS13 should be viewed as an Act of War and
    punished by hanging. There is no other way.”

    I agree with this guy in principle. Especially after MS13 members are deported to their countries of origin, El Salvador and Honduras. Where they have already grown to out-of-control proportions, and life has become unlivable for citizens because of previous MS13 deportations from the U.S. — highest murder rates in the world, higher than Iraq and Syria. The State has to declare war on them, allow the citizenry to arm itself, and defeat them like you would an invading army. The only thing that has prevented these countries from doing that is pressure from U.S. and Western European “human rights” orgs, who have convinced their Governments to punish these countries economically if they aren’t “nice” to the murderous thugs.

    The fact that membership in the gang requires the member to commit at least one murder, should justify an automatic death penalty for members, and the right of citizens to shoot them on sight when citizens are targeted for extortion under threat of death by members of the group.

    • Watchman

      The Progressives believe that putting an MS13 youth in an appropriate family environment with benevolent Socialist government and police force will magically transform the youth into a placid law-abiding person. It’s too late for almost every gang member and the death penalty is probably the only cure. There is no rehabilitation for so many and I don’t care that so many might have chosen differently in other circumstances: they still made a decision when many others chose ethically under the same conditions.

      • They even control the prisons. And I mean literally control them — the prisoners are allowed to be armed IN THE PRISONS and run business from prison like a corporate headquarters. The only function of the Prison Guards is to guard the outside walls to keep the gang members contained inside — guards don’t dare venture inside.

    • Alain

      The same thing needs to be applied to Muslim terrorists. That is have them face a military tribunal instead of this nonsense of prosecuting them in criminal court as though they are regular domestic criminals.

      • We’re back to square one: Guantánamo — the most brilliant idea Bush ever came up with (maybe his only brilliant idea).

  • Gary

    Justin dropped the VISA rules from Mexico and has out Open Borders where they will now pour into Canada.
    Out of 35,000 ” tourists ” from Mexico , about 17,000 made a “refugee ” claim and are still here while the women pump out Anchor babies to assure their stay.

    Should be fun to watch the Muslims , Latinos and Blacks fight over who occupies the Government housing to sell drugs run the Human Smuggling rings to bring more in.

    • Trudeau’s ignorance is dangerous. Maybe at another time and place a policy like that would make sense, but not right now. It’s suicide to have a policy like that right now.

      • Watchman

        It never makes sense. You can’t fix another country’s problems like that, you just import their cultural problems into your own country to begin making their country’s problems your country’s problems.

        • Of course it sometimes makes sense — dropping visa requirements for a close ally, that is at peace, and whose citizens are generally an economic benefit and present no threat, makes perfect sense. Are you suggesting that Canada should have had visa requirements for U.S. citizens over all these years — that our visa policy with the U.S. has been bad?

          • Watchman

            The US didn’t have problems that Canada needed to take in migrants to fix (US Vietnam conscription issues aside). The two countries are very close in culture, laws, ethics, morals and median wealth. This is what makes visa free travel between the two countries work.

            Mexico does have problems that both Canada and the US can’t fix by allowing unlimited immigration from Mexico.

          • Precisely my point — I outlined the same conditions. The conditions aren’t there right now, so you don’t do it. But I would beg to differ on “culture and morals” — N.A. and Western Europe are cultural/moral cesspools these days compared to most of Latin America. And the more we export our sick Left-wing progressivism to them and insist that they adopt it, under threat of economic punishment, the more they are becoming like us — Godless, moral reprobates.

  • Dana Garcia

    Chairman Grassley’s statement was tough: