Google will stop scanning content of personal emails

Google will stop scanning the content of emails sent by Gmail users in an attempt to reassure business customers of the confidentiality of their communications.

The company did read the emails in personal Gmail accounts in order to target users with personalised adverts but said in a blogpost it would stop doing so in order to “more closely align” its business and consumer products. Its business offering, part of G Suite, has never involved scanning emails.

  • V10_Rob

    Sure you will, Google.

    Just like Facebook will stop trying to sell our data.

  • Thanks Google, for letting everybody know 15 years after the fact, that you have been scanning their e-mail content for the last 15 years and selling it to advertisers. If the snail-mail Postal system did something like that, people would be jailed for committing a felony.

    Google needs to be sued out of existence. Google’s Youtube seems okay, but I’ve suspected for a long time that it’s vulnerable to bandwidth theft — streams are getting crappier and crappier over time.