Europe Is Still Ailing

A glimpse into the dark malaise behind the EU project.

Recent elections in France, the Netherlands, and Austria, in which Eurosceptic populist and patriotic parties did poorly in national elections, suggest to some that the EU is still strong despite Britain’s vote to leave the union. Yet the problems bedeviling the EU ever since its beginnings in 1992 have not been solved. Nor are they likely to be with just some institutional tweaks and adjustments. “More Europe,” that is, greater centralization of power in Brussels at the expense of the national sovereignty of member states, is not the answer. The flaws in the whole EU project flow from its questionable foundational assumptions.

  • Brett_McS

    I think the Eurosceptic parties did quite well in the recent elections. Expectations were probably unreasonably high after Brexit and Trump, but they all gained significantly over previous results and will probably gain power in the next election or two. It takes a lot to turn a supertanker around. And then there are the Eastern Europeans, showing what can be done.

  • Bless his heart

    The brainwashing has been strong in much of Western Europe.

    But the trend is to fight the invaders.