Democrats hire normal person “whisperer”

Democrats Are So Out of Touch That They Just Appointed a ‘Chairwoman of Heartland Engagement’

  • BillyHW

    Wait until they discover that real Americans don’t think Caitlyn Jenner is really a woman, but just a man who cut off his dick.

  • Ed

    “No no no! Not “you all,” it’s “y’all”

    “Say it with me slowly… “y’all.”

    It’s commonly used by the mouth breathers. In diners, for example, say “mornin, y’all.” You’ll immediately establish a rapport with the little people.

    • Hillary’s an expert at that and I hear she has some free time on her hands.

    • Slickfoot

      Y’all is singular, plural is ‘all y’all’

      • Will Quest


  • Hard Little Machine

    The only people she’ll lower herself to speak to will be illegal aliens, pregnant hood rats, Muslim terrorists and of course rich white liberals

  • Bla Bla

    You just can’t fix stupid. I thought the republicans would have become the wig party before the democrats, but looks like I was wrong. But, not to worry, the never trumpers on the repub side are continuing to try their hardest!

  • ntt1

    .don’t tell me they appointed nancy botoxi ? she is sliding into dementia