Britain and Europe are hit by new ‘WannaCry’ virus, Ukraine power grid, Russian oil plant and Danish shipping firm all affected

Europe has been hit by a fresh ransomware virus as a British advertising firm, the Ukrainian government and Russian oil companies were all affected.

London-based WPP, the world’s largest ad agency, was the first on UK soil to report problems, with staff told to turn off their computers and not to use the WiFi.

The Ukrainian government has also been badly hit, with the state power distributor, Kiev’s main airport, the national bank and several communications firms all hit as supermarket tills and even ATMs went offline.

Companies in Norway, Russia, Denmark and France are among those to have confirmed issues so far, with Spain, India, and the US believed to have been affected.

  • Starlord

    Patch your systems or be pwned. MS had this patch out in March 2017.. Obviously companies affected need to get with the program. Or maybe hire me. Lol

    • Very dangerous virus. MS even took the unusual step of releasing a patch for the now unsupported XP, defunct since 2014. Because many millions of people still use XP (I think at the time they discontinued support more than 50% of computer users worldwide were still using it, and the majority of those continue to use it).

      I wonder if they’re going to release an XP patch for the new variant?

  • Bla Bla

    Make north korea ‘wanna cry’ and emp their damn country into the stone age.