Australian senator Pauline Hanson wins backing for clearer halal labelling on food

Pauline Hanson, the Australian senator who last year told immigrants to “go back to where you came from,” has been backed in her bid to have Halal-friendly foods more clearly labelled.

  • Watchman

    Paradoxically this may entrench more Muslims in the meat (and other food) production business as businesses will be forced to pay fees for Halal certification for their meat products in addition to having only muslims as slaughterers in the abattoirs. This is due to the difficulty in maintaining separate slaughtering and production lines for halal and non-halal meat: most companies will make all their production lines halal for flexibility.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I have read that Jewish kosher slaughter uses a different kind of knife which is much sharper and – at least when it’s done right – kills the animal instantly by severing the main artery, rather than letting it just bleed to death like halal slaughter, which is painful and can take several minutes. Still less humane than stunning, which I think is required by law in Canada, but exceptions are made for kosher and halal slaughter. I am reminded here of a legendary early episode of the series “Apprentice UK”. The candidates are sent to Marrakesh and told to purchase a list of items at the markets there, and try to get the best deals. One of items they have to purchase is a “kosher chicken”. On one team, none of them even know what kosher means at first. They eventually figure out it’s something to do with Jewish dietary laws and “blessing” the animal with a prayer, but unable to find the Jewish section of the city, one of them says that halal and kosher are probably pretty much the same thing, so they just buy a chicken from a (very bemused) Muslim vendor and ask him to say a prayer over it, which he happily obliges. I kid you not. One of the members of that team claimed to be a “good Jewish boy” in the first episode. Sir Alan Sugar was not amused.

  • john700

    Yay! Victory! Muslims are running scared now.

  • Blind Druid

    Sydney is the London UK of Australia. It’s a shit hole. Other cities not so much. Plus they are not so far down the P.C. slippery slope. In Brisbane i saw the Aussies still all talk like the Brits used to in the local pub. The truth about immigration. Not for long. They will be muzzled.

  • ntt1

    doesn’t make a lot of difference when it is labeled and then as it is all halal ,if you want to barbecue Lamb ,in Squamish you are forced to pay into the halal system with its bloody butchery and terror all three stores only sell halal; lamb.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      The only solution think is to raise your own sheep. Or buy frozen lamb from New Zealand.

      • Watchman

        Sorry – but if you buy frozen lamb from New Zealand there is a high probability that it was slaughtered according to the Halal procedures. A Daily Mail article claims that 70% of NZ lamb sold in UK supermarkets is Halal, ( ), but it is not clear whether this is certified Halal or uncertified. “Although a significant proportion of sheep and beef is slaughtered according to halal requirements, only a much smaller percentage is actually halal-certified and labeled. Halal audit, certification and labeling incur extra costs, so it is only done at the request of a customer or when it is a market access requirement overseas.”

        Therefore there is a high chance that any NZ meat was slaughtered according to muslim Halal procedures, even if it is not claimed to be Halal.

        • Blacksmith

          Buy from your local non muzz butcher, it is the only way other than doing it yourself, and most people can’t do that.

      • ntt1

        In Squamish all three stores sell either NZ or Australian lamb ALL of which is
        Labeled my choice is to do without or for next year contract for one or two lambs from pemberton

        • Frances

          Local probably tastes better as well. But then is only seasonal.

  • Gary

    i had to do some digging on the internet to prove a rumour that Popeye’s Chicken outlets in canada were all Halal
    It was true . The Popeye’s in little Mekkah on Overlea Boulevard was Halal which a Popeye rep said was because they cater to high population of muslims.
    But the company that certified it Halal had boasted that ALL of the Popeye’s in canada were certified by them as Halal .

    Scratch popeye’s off my fast food list. This isn’t an islamic state run by wife-beating pedophiles from the 10th century. But let’s hope Justin doesn’t get back in power in 2019 because he’s selling us out pretty fast to islam .

  • Kathy Prendergast

    She didn’t “tell immigrants to ‘go back where you came from'”; she was referring to Muslim immigrants who don’t like Australian laws and customs and want to change them.