A Battle Over Prayer in Schools Tests Canada’s Multiculturalism

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — The troubles began over sermons.

For nearly two decades, Muslim students in the Peel School District, outside Toronto, had been allowed to pray independently on Fridays, part of a policy in many Canadian provinces to accommodate religious beliefs in public schools.

Last fall, the school board decided to standardize the prayer sessions and offer six preapproved sermons that the children could recite, rather than let them use their own.

Muslim students protested, saying the move violated their right to free speech, and the board reversed itself, allowing the children to write their own sermons.

But the dispute unleashed a storm of protest that continued through this spring.

Brace yourself, this is a New York Times piece.

The school boards and government are equally complicit in this shakedown.

Each student represents money from the province to the school board so they are desperate to keep Muslim kids in public schools and willingly turn a blind eye to Sharia creep. This despicable arrangement keeps the tax payer funded gravy train rolling and the Islamists happy at having their agenda advanced under the guise of “accommodation” and the insidious lie of multiculturalism.

By the way,  you’re a racist if you disagree with this fraud.

  • Starlord

    I am Canadian!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Can we now ask what was so wrong with Christian prayer in schools?
    Just WHO was it that sought to have it expunged.
    Where are their voices now?
    Actually, we know from the court paperwork (in the U.S.) who they were, where are they now?

    • El Martyachi

      .. still existed in late 80’s in Canada, at least in my elementary school.

  • In a way, these things are amusing.

    On one hand, one has the political multiculturalists. On the other, people who despise Christianity and those who hate the mere thought of religion. They are all battling it out.

    • Clausewitz

      As Elvis Costello sang, “I used to be annoyed, now I’m just amused”.

      • It sums it up.

        These are the cultural chickens coming home to roost.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        He also sang two little hitlers will fight it out until one little hitler does the other one’s will.

  • Waffle

    Meanwhile, parents are pulling their kids out of the “public” school system and either home-schooling or sending their kids to private schools, at great personal expense.

  • DMB

    Screw Multiculturalism and screw diversity!

  • LauraS

    “For nearly two decades, Muslim students in the Peel School District, outside Toronto, had been allowed to pray independently on Fridays…”

    Would love to know if that is true, or if it’s the Canadian version of “Thomas Jefferson hosted an Iftar dinner at the White House.” Surely there weren’t enough Muslims in Peel 20 years ago for them to be agitating for prayers in the school?