No arrests as anti-Islam demonstrators clash with counter-protesters at Calgary city hall

Justin Trudeau he’s our useful idiot


Despite some heated moments, no arrests were made at an anti-Islam rally at Calgary City Hall Sunday afternoon.

The anti-Islam protest was originally scheduled for Saturday but the group organizing it, the World Coalition Against Islam (WCAI), had their permit pulled by the city. They vowed to continue with their demonstration on Sunday instead.

Justin Trudeau’s “Canada” at work: Note that this is the gathering that “Wild Bill” was scheduled to attend. He tells the truth about Islam so  was denied entry to Canada, but Holocaust Denier Kevin Barrett was allowed entry to Canada this past weekend to attend the Jew Hate festival of Al Quds Day. 

  • Blacksmith

    That is a surprise, I would have expected several of the anti pisslam protesters to be arrested considering how the leadership classes are in love with pisslam.

    • Especially given they have a Muslim mayor.

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      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Tables, chairs and toilet paper are hallmarks of civilization.
        Just sayin’.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • ontario john

    Were the muslims wearing their Trudeau ramadan socks??