Liberal mosque founder vows to keep it open despite Egyptian fatwa and death threats

Pro-Erdogan newspaper calls practices ‘prayer of the perverse’

The founder of a new liberal mosque in Berlin has vowed to keep the building open in the face of death threats and heavy criticism from religious conservatives.

Seyran Ates told The Guardian she was sent “3,000 emails a day full of hate” about the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe Mosque which allows men and women to pray side by side, instead of segregating them.

But the 54-year-old remained defiant. “The pushback I am getting makes me feel that I am doing the right thing,” she said.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who cares? Let the slightly more insane Muslims burn down the mosque of the slightly less insane Muslims. The German press and government will blame the Jews anyway.

    • This is true.

    • Watchman

      Unfortunately such internecine violence will allow the state to bring in even more oppressive laws to curtail free speech or protest, even if the speech is completely accurate and true. And because muslims are treated as a protected minority, only the defenders of Western Civilization will be prosecuted under such oppressive laws.

      • Hard Little Machine

        I’d rather have anarchy than bad law. Let them behead one another to the last man standing and then hand that guy a gun to shoot himself.

  • Watchman

    “in the face of death threats and heavy criticism from religious conservatives.”
    One more example of the spinelessness of the people involved to tell the truth about where the threats are coming from. Who T.F. are these ‘religious conservatives’? The Amish? Quakers? Buddhists? Hindus? Zoroastrians? No?

    I somehow suspect that it also isn’t Jews, Catholics, Church of England, or Eastern Orthodox conservatives who are making the death threats, or if there are some then there will not be very many.

    Which ‘religious conservatives’ then? Well it would would likely be a religion that traditionally prescribes death for people not following the traditional practices of its faith, and this really only fits one religion.

    Thus the attempt to claim that all religions have their extremists, and all these extremists are equally dangerous. It’s such a Progressive/SJW point of view and it is simply not true.

    • H

      Isn’t moral relativism wonderful?

  • canminuteman

    One day, probably soon, we will see a news item about a car bomb driving into this building, and I will laugh.