Leftist Illegalophilia, Not Islamophobia, Killed a Muslim Teen

When Nabra Hassanen was killed by Darwin Martinez Torres, the media rushed to blame Islamophobia and Trump. The truth was simpler. It was the left’s own Illegalophilia that killed the Muslim teenager.

Torres, an illegal alien from El Salvador, had no interest in Hassanen’s religion. He got into an altercation with her friends. Hassanen happened to be the one he caught when her friends left her behind.

  • Gary

    I love it when the Left thinks they have their Poster-Person for islamophobia or racism where it becomes a the lead story in the News.
    It usually takes about 2 days before they find out it’s one of their own and just another fake-News item among the 99% that are Fake hate crimes .

    I remember when the 2005 attack on a mosque in Michigan was the lead story for anti-muslim bigotry post – 9/11 .
    But when Mr.Hooper from CAIR was on Fox news and told that it was a Muslim that did it because of the Shia Sunni bombing in Iraq…..Hooper still blamed it on anti-muslim bigotry because the USA was in iraq and caused the mosque bombers and suicide bombers in Baghdad.

    I bet that Leftists will still blame the right because of the climate of hatred for muslims where the illegal felt it was okay to kill a muslim.

  • So how does this come down in the Social Justice hierarchy of things, where guilt or innocence is determined by your identity group’s position in the hierarchy? This one must be a real headbanger for them.