Egyptian Historian Mohamed Elhamy: Spain Has Left No Mark on Civilization Except under Islam


  • tom_billesley

    Egypt has left no mark on civilization since Mohammed.

    • xavier

      Actually Egypt has left no mark since it was conquered by the Mohemmeden.

      And if Moslem rule was so benevolent and beneficent why did the Copts revolt in 900 AD? Too bad the Europeans couldn’t help out. Imagine if they had revolved a 100 years later. Imagine the Crusades taking place in Egypt and the Crusader winning? Can you imagine the history changing event if the Crusaders had established their kingdom there instead of Jerusalem.
      Moslems would’ve faced colossal pressure and might even have cracked.

      • Virtually all “Muslim” claims to invention resulted from the efforts of conquered peoples.

        • xavier

          Yeah. So Spain’s discovery and conquest of the the Americas and parts of the US are delusions. The Spanish spoken there is a figment of our deluded imaginations.
          I’d like this retard to define what he means by mark on civilization because by contrast Egypt sank into oblivion ever since the cultists came by. Think about it over 2000 years of history and contribution snuffed out. Same goes for Iran. Too bad that they’re Shia because that just aggravates the deep psychotic hatred against the Arabs.

        • ntt1

          They are borglike they absorb by conquest enjoy the invigoration of. new ideas then smother them with hatred fear and ignorance

    • Observer

      Sure they have. They have marked civilizations with slavery, murder and destruction.

    • vwVwwVwv

      Nor did Mesopotamia, Byzantine….

  • shasta

    Historian Mohamed Elhamy = Dumb as they come.

  • Spatchcocked

    Islam has left a huge skid mark on history.

  • canminuteman

    Even if that wasn’t a totally retarded statement, so what?

  • Dana Garcia

    Note to Mohammed: beheading and honor killing are not considered a cultural plus outside the barbaric Islo-world.

  • mauser 98

    the Spanish sword
    see Rome rules the Earth with it

  • Ed

    Sadly, idiot historians seem to be an international plague…

  • bob e

    This guy could get a job with Louis B Gates ..

    • mauser 98

      for a real barrel of laughs watch

      ‘Louis B Gates :Africa’s Great Civilizations’

      ,,the Pythons could have made this

      • bob e

        I would get ill watching anything by Louie Louie ..

        • mauser 98

          stumbled on it one night..could not believe the lies,garbage Gates was spewing
          …good propaganda lesson

    • Observer

      Or the New York Times or the CBC!

  • Alain

    For a moment I thought he was another Liberal Cabinet minister.

  • ismiselemeas

    Spain entered its Golden Age within 50 years of kicking islam and its 5th columnists out. The world was transformed, never to be the same.

  • simus1

    Ferdinand and Isabella employed muslim Berber mercenaries in the Reconquest to among other things,slaughter and loot from multicultural ethnic Spaniards who had decided mo was the answer “to getting ahead” for the past four or five centuries. An early example of finding the right people to get the job done.