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Does fighting radicalization actually make us safer?

Given recent attacks in Manchester, London and Michigan and subsequent terror investigations, we’ve been hearing a lot about whether the perpetrators became radicalized.

This has renewed conversations about how to combat potential radicalization.

The Left’s violence is only logical

Hollywood liberals regularly use violent rhetoric against conservatives. College campuses have become places where dissident speech will be beaten down, literally, by Antifa thugs in black masks. Under the guise of protests against racial injustice, Black Lives Matter creates riots. Property is destroyed. Fires are set. Individuals are assaulted. The civil society seems threatened — all by the radical Left.

While what’s happening on the Left has been well documented, few are exploring the question of “Why?”

The violence of modern leftists is a feature of their political philosophy, which rejects natural rights secured by government in favor of legal rights created by political power. Violence is the lowest form of political power, and the use of violence is consistent with progressive political philosophy.

Float in Montreal parade sparks allegations of racism

The video shows pop singer Annie Villeneuve on Rue St. Denis on a float being pushed by what appears to be only people of colour. Surrounding the float are droves of choir members, all dressed head-to-toe in white.

The video has been shared more than 12,000 times, and has a running thread of hundreds of comments. Many of the commenters are critical of the event’s lack of diversity, saying the float looked like some kind of historical depiction of slavery.

White South Africans are dying and Twitter is actively censoring it.

A long time ago I read the 600+ pages of the atrocities commited during Pinochet’s dictartorship. I’m no leftie and I know of the recurrent memes of throwing commies off helicopters, but these were the most atrocious acts I had ever heard off. In my own country. I won’t go into detail because of the horrific nature, but I remember that sensation going through my spine while reading it, it’s very distinct, and I hoped to never feel it again. But someone mentioned South Africa…

‘Anti-Racism Strategist’ Tariq Nasheed Has Said Some Pretty Racist Things in the Past

Tariq Nasheed spends his day on Twitter dot-com railing against white supremacy and hidden white supremacist symbols. He’s famous for such hot takes like “the Cleveland Facebook killer may be used as an excuse for white supremacists to go around shooting black people.” He even appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show to chastise the police for shooting the OSU terrorist last year.

Nasheed calls himself an “anti-racism strategist.”

But not too long ago, Nasheed wasn’t an anti-racism strategist at all—he was just plain racist.

Not-so-new Canadian: How welcoming is N.L. for immigrants?

I’ve benefited from the legendary Newfoundland and Labrador hospitality, and every day I cherish my network of valued friends.

However, even my inherently upbeat personality is severely tested by an also gloomy economy. I struggle with the sense of gratitude many immigrants and refugees feel about being in a palpably safer place that precludes them from looking at their new home too critically.

I’m not offended by the term “come from away,” but despite the recent, well-deserved positive publicity associated with the phrase thanks to Broadway, I have felt the insulting isolation that isn’t always very welcoming to newcomers.

Burned Quran, cut up pages left outside California mosques

Two Islamic centers in Northern California were the sites of possible hate crimes during the last days of Ramadan, law enforcement officials said.

A burned Quran filled with bacon was found outside a Sacramento mosque Saturday, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said. It was hanging by a handcuff from a temporary fence outside the Masjid Annur Islamic Center.

6 Schools That Can’t Produce One Student Proficient in English or Math

A Project Baltimore investigation has found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English. These are the dumbed-down Common Core tests.

Despite the fact that the students are illiterate, many are on track to pass and graduate. At least half will graduate.

Migrant Who Frequently Visited Kindergarten May Have Given Children Tuberculosis

The migrant, originally from Yemen, spent five months from January to May in the community, meeting families and spending time at a local kindergarten. Brought to Bünsdorf by the local church, the man is said to have had an infectious case of tuberculosis and children aged three to six may be affected, leaving parents outraged, Eckernförderung Zeitung reports.

Perhaps Sharia isn’t the greatest threat.

‘You’re celebrating colonization’: 4 Indigenous people share why they won’t be singing O Canada on July 1

For Shane Henry, it used to be about donning the red and white to celebrate Canada on July 1, but this year — on Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation — he’s not feeling so patriotic.

“Putting a bunch of flags on my skin and jumping in praise saying, ‘Oh, look at our great country and look at all that we’ve accomplished’ — that part of it isn’t so comfortable with me anymore,” explained the University of Saskatchewan PhD student and researcher with the Saskatoon Tribal Council.