Will the West implode or fall under barbaric invasions?

We are witnessing the advance of the White Plague.

Fernand Braudel, in his book “Grammaire des civilizations”, said that the West is formed by the “old Europe”, America is the “daughter of Europe” and Russia, “the other Europe”.

Between 1976 and 1991, the last sixteen years of the Soviet power and the first sixteen post-communist years (1992-2007), Russian births exceeded deaths by 11.4 million, while in the second period, the dead exceeded the births by 12.4 million. Then came Vladimir Putin and inverted the cycle, bringing the fertility rate close to replacement values.

“Russia’s birth rates are now outpacing European countries”, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted during his recent annual televised Q&A marathon. “The birth rate here is increasing at a rate that European countries don’t achieve today,” Putin said. Unfortunately, Putin is right.