Tommy Robinson is filmed repeatedly punching a man in Royal Ascot car park as he claims it was ‘self-defence’

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been filmed repeatedly punching a man in a Royal Ascot car park – but he claimed it was done in ‘self-defence.’

The right-wing commentator had been at Ascot yesterday when dashcam footage from a coach in a car park showed him appear to push the man to the ground.

Robinson, wearing a black suit and shirt, is then seen throwing seven punches towards the man’s head before three other men step in to separate the pair.

TR Statement- “Tommy was out with his wife yesterday at Ascot, he was followed to his coach whilst being abused, he had asked multiple times for the man to leave them alone. The man continued and dragged Tommy from the coach and hit him from behind. This short clip that’s been released doesn’t show how the altercation started. Tommy acted in self defence. The man went out of his way to get into a confrontation with Tommy whilst he was with his wife.”

Witness clip.