It’s Tolerance or Survival in America: So Surveil all Mosques!

It’s time to surveil all mosques in America. It should have been done following the attack on September 11, 2001. But President Bush assured us that a “peaceful” Islam had been hijacked. Of course, those who knew history knew that was not true. After all, no worthy religion would teach violence, even murder, but Islam does.

  • Alain

    When people are bankrolled with Saudi money they will claim anything to avoid the truth about Islam.

  • bob e

    Sure W got his payday as he inhaled the smoldering ruins of the
    WTC & said ‘Islam means Peace’ to an entire nation who just witnessed the most horrendous attack & mass murder in the history
    of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ..

  • SuicideChickenWing

    Interesting that those on the Left who for years have been claiming Dubya’s a liar, choose to believe his lie about Islam.