Google Search Is Doing Irreparable Harm To Muslims says Muslim who blames “white supremacists”

Google asks its employees to “Do the right thing.” At least, that’s what its revised 2015 motto states in an upgrade from the original company maxim, “Don’t be evil.”

But when a user searches Google for information on Islam, the results often link to propaganda, anti-Muslim hate and outright lies. The algorithm for the world’s largest search engine is definitely not doing the right thing ― especially when it comes to the first page of results, where most users stop their searches.

Basic searches for words like “Muslim” and “Islam” return reasonable results with links to reputable sites. But more specific terms, like “sharia,” “jihad” or “taqiyya” ― often co-opted by white supremacists ― return links to Islamophobic sites filled with misinformation.

No one but Muslims makes Islam “look bad”, every day adds to the litany of Mohammedan horror visited upon the world.

  • BillyHW

    If a search for “Islam” doesn’t immediately show a video of the planes flying into the Twin Towers, than Google is carrying Satan’s water for him.

  • Lack of education about islam is the biggest problem facing the West.
    islam is second.

    With each jihadi event, this education increases exponentially.

    People are catching on to the fraud that is islam.

  • Bla Bla

    What a bunch of plonkers. LIfe’s a bitch when your facade of peace is constantly getting eroded by the truth.

    Oh and look! Comments are shut down for the article…

    • Gary

      I almost bought a cabinet for my receiver and DVD player that was Cherry wood and sold for about $600.00. But I did wood working and cabinet making which was why I took a close look and realized that the new laser cutter made Cherry veneer sheets so perfect that most people would take it for solid wood.
      It was the basic Press-Board with Cheery on it.

      islam is the same way with the veneer of peace. That’s why they don’t want non-muslims to read the quran is arabic until they convert on top of denouncing the truth tellers as islamophobes spreading lies.

      Note how you never see an Imam or Cleric come on TV to debate islam and terrorism that has a Quran with them to prove a verse and or expose a lie about a verse.

      • Bla Bla

        Indeed. Except for one thing. Your cabinet is useful. Not much can be said about the latter!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Google will likely cave. They are the Nancy Pelosi of the internet

  • Tooth&Claw

    They whine because google won’t be their puppet for dawa.

  • Gary

    islam would be great if it didn’t have muslims .

    • Bla Bla

      Or they were all ‘bad’ muslims and did not follow any of the edicts demanding death and destruction continuously.

  • Starlord

    One only has to look at the founder. Nothing can hide the fact the guy wasn’t very nice or good. If you took all the Founders of the big three today and transported them to modern times. Mo would be in a psycho ward.

    Muslims biggest fear and embarrassment is that they follow and try to emulate a killer, thief, liar and a child lover.

  • Tokenn

    Oh sure…HuffPo… I could almost be taken in by Islamist propaganda…if I couldn’t read history, or the Koran, or the constant outpouring of accounts of what it’s like to live in the Muslim world. But _everything_ points to the fact that Islam is a vicious, totalitarian ideology that has no place in the Western world, and really, no place in human civilization.