DHS John Kelly Defunds, Disinvites Islamic Groups Favored By Barack Obama

Administration officials have eliminated 2016 plans to fund Islamic groups allied to former President Barack Obama, and declined to schedule a 2017 Islamic ‘Iftar’ dinner where those groups were able to show their political influence to the ambassadors of wealthy Islamic countries.

The turnaround was made public on Friday when the Department of Homeland Security announced a revised list of the organizations which are getting DHS funds to help revent young Muslims from becoming jihadis.

A good start.

  • Spatchcocked

    Dear muzzies….

    The jig……is up!

    At least in the USA …

  • Editor

    President Trump should ask this gentleman to mentor Betsy DeVos. If there ever was a U.S. Department in need of strong leadership, it’s Education.

  • Why would anyone want to observe this lull in Islamofascist killings