Canada to apologise for ‘LGBT purge’ in government

During the Cold War, hundreds of gay men and lesbians in Canada lost government and military jobs because of their sexual orientation after being harassed and interrogated under a national security campaign now dubbed the “LGBT purge”.

  • BillyHW

    What a cuntry!

    • John Boy

      Don’t worry, Justin has been up for the Gay purge by purging all of the non-Marxist straight white males from the bureaucracy as possible since he gained office.

  • tom_billesley

    MI5 has been named the UK’s most gay-friendly employer

    • And MI5 has the reputation for producing more Gay traitors secretly working for Western enemies than any other intel org.

  • DMB
  • mauser 98
  • Except the fact is homosexuals WERE a security risk, mostly because their homosexual encounters were a personal secret. Anyone (including heterosexuals) engaging in secret sexual relations were a target of the KGB and other foreign intelligence. Because they could be blackmailed, and many of them did in fact end up working for foreign intelligence. It was in fact a real problem. So stop pretending it wasn’t a real problem Mr. Trudeau, and stop pretending that some of these people were not in fact traitors and that secret sexual dalliances are not in fact a security risk.

    Coming “out of the closet” should have solved the problem — because if your homosexuality isn’t a secret, then what can you possibly be blackmailed for? However, coming out of the closet has given birth to a new risk: traitorous Marxist infiltration of Gay activism, and activist Gays in the military. In other words these people aren’t being traitorous today because somebody is blackmailing them for their secret sexual dalliances. They are being traitorous because they have thoroughly embraced Marxism — i.e. the destruction of free market capitalism, the destruction of Western democracy, subversion of the system to advance totalitarian Socialism, etc. Enemies of the West have no need to blackmail homosexuals anymore, because militant Gays today are more than happy to betray the West voluntarily — free of charge!

    Case in point: Bradley Manning. If anything, the problem is much broader today, because anybody — homo or hetero — can potentially betray their country if they put militant Marxist ideology ahead of their responsibility to serve their country while in public service. And there’s nothing more effective today than Marxist “identity politics” to achieve that traitorous goal. Trudeau is a moron.

    • tom_billesley

      John Vassall, a UK civil servant, was caught in a “honeytrap” on a visit to Moscow in 1954 and photographed with several men. He spied for the KGB for seven years, handing over naval technology.
      Then there were Burgess and Blunt of the “Cambridge 5”.

  • gaylord ponce

    Bring back the RCMP’s Fruit Machine.

    • Don’t say that! Because Trudeau wll start using it on alleged “homophobes”. And they’ll probably add a few new settings on the machine, for detecting transphobes, Islamophobes, “climate deniers”, and people who didn’t vote Liberal. After all, I think it was under a Liberal Government when the contraption was first invented and deployed.

  • ontario john

    Why the hell not. Just add it to the long list. I suppose we can expect a six million dollar inquiry and financial restitution.

  • andycanuck

    Kim Philby could not be reached for comment.