Weasel words cannot hide the reality of terror links

THERE are a million stories in the naked city but sometimes the naked truth makes people twitchy. That might explain an intriguing little suburban news item this month.

The Mordialloc-Chelsea Leader reported, beside tales of stolen purses and the like, that three men with iron bars “attempted to hijack” a late-model Commodore in a Bonbeach reserve on Sunday evening, June 4.

“One man opened the driver’s door while the others bashed the car but … they fled after one of the passengers challenged them,” the item said.

Funny, that. Who was in the car that could scare men armed with iron bars? A Hells Angels convention? A live crocodile?

  • Bla Bla

    Good to see that gun control is working so well that no one wants to go outside their homes anymore. Quite the utopia they’ve got running down there. But hey, if we are disarming the law abiding, tax paying public, than the police and politicians should be unarmed as well. Share the suffering with your proletariat brothers and sisters comrades!