Those Who Erase Their History Are Condemned To Forget It

A story from Canada this week highlights a cross-border issue that is burning especially brightly in the southern U.S. But to the Canadian example first where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was engaged in another burst of social re-engineering, something young Justin excels in, just as his father did before him.

  • Alain

    I must say I am so fed up with all the lies and the demonisation of residential schools and find it resembles the lies and demonisation of the Crusades. I wager there was no more actual abuse of any kind in the residential schools than one finds in public schools today.

    • The abuse that sadly occurred in places like these is but a drop as it was in most religious institutions. Consider the value these claims have in lawsuits.

      THAT is why there is an industry of this sort of thing.

  • Watchman

    Most appropriate name change: from ‘Langevin Block’ to ‘The Office of the Prime Minister & Privy Council’

        1. The definition of a privy is a toilet.
        An example of a privy is an outhouse.

    Most appropriate renaming, I think, given the contents of the building. What Justine does inside on the Canadian people is now publicly described.

  • Tokenn

    If the unpleasant and embarrassing facts of Canadian and American history can be expunged from common memory, without regard to their importance, value or significance, perhaps the unpleasant and embarrassing facts of other histories can equally be expunged…the history of Soviet Russia, Hitler’s Third Reich or all of Islamic history, for example. Then the proponents of communism, fascism and totalitarian Islam can have another kick at the can without fearing their past failures and atrocities will serve as a warning to the ignorant population.

  • shasta

    How is this behavior by trudeau and his fellow travelers any different from the actions of isis and the taliban? It isn’t really, and the purpose is the same.