They treated us like dirt – as if we were the ones who had ­committed a crime’: British mother who reported rape in Turkey was breathalysed by police

I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience, but maybe think twice before travelling to an islamist craphole next time.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Why would they go there?

    • Turkey was a civilized country even a few years ago. Much of it probably still is. It’s not like going to Saudi or something. It might be off-limits to sane tourists in the next 5 years or so, but that’s still not how it’s seen. (And there are great sites in Turkey for any tourist, let alone the metropolis of Istanbul.) Most people still think of Turkey as Ataturk’s country. It’s that Gollum-looking little shit Erdogan, may a thousand camels piss upon him, who is pushing it over the line. But this was inevitable, I suppose, what with demographics. The destruction of Turkey is a great tragedy unfolding.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        The clue is in the song.
        It’s not a Christian country.
        Therefore it is a no go zone.

        • It did remarkably well as a secular Muslim country for almost a century.

          • But then the Muslim outbred the “secular”.

      • Ho Hum

        That’s my understanding also. Never been to Turkey but have heard it used to be very nice and westernized. I wouldn’t go there today.

        • I would go but if I went to anywhere much east of Istanbul and was raped I wouldn’t report it to the local cops. As brutal as that sounds.

          • Alain

            Personally I would absolutely not go there now. In fact I would no longer go to any Muslim country nowadays.

          • Watchman

            I’ve been there on holiday in 2000, before the rise of the new islamist Turkey. Was a fascinating country then, but i noticed the disdain for the Kurdish minority from the eastern part of Turkey even then. I still have a bottle of Raki that cost me around $6 in a tourist town then, but apparently would cost me over $20 now.

            it was interesting to me at the time how the Turks claimed their history reaching back to the time that the country was Greek before the invading Turks, as if it was the Oghuz Turks who had always been in this land instead of having invaded a Christian country.

          • canminuteman

            I have a friend who is an engineer in the oil industry and he has traveled all over the world. He refuses to travel to the middle east. He was telling me that even twenty years ago they needed armed body guards in Egypt, which was the safest place in the region.

          • Maggat

            Azerbaijan is pretty secular and hence safe.

        • Alain

          It was.

        • Bataviawillem

          I was in the same coast town 35 years ago and it was somewhat western and pleasant, however only 1 hour drive (50km) inland women could not drink beer or have short sleeves or pants, it made the peasants angry.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The biggest force keeping Turkey out of the hands of the Islamic fundamentalists was the Turkish Army. When any leader went too far, they would depose them and then hold elections the next year. It was a pretty good, but unofficial system.
        Their military has since been purged and isn’t coming back, but its what the average Turk wants, so there ya go.
        Turkey will look like Syria in another 10-20 years.
        They need to be forced to take back all their “temporary” workers (and their offspring) that they dumped on Germany over the last 50-years.
        Probably wont happen unless Germany goes full-throttle fascist.

        • Alain


        • Maggat

          “Probably won’t happen unless Germany goes full-throttle fascist.”
          Don’t hold your breath, that’ll happen.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Don’t hold my breath, or that it will happen?

      • Alain

        I know that was certainly true at least in the 70s, but that has clearly changed. It used to have a lot of secular Turks, certainly the educated ones. I have a couple of good Turkish friends at the time and can say we shared much the same values and culture.

      • Clink9

        We signed up for a tour of Greece for 2018 back in September 2016.
        It had an optional trip to Istanbul.

        That option has been cancelled for this year and for the next few years for security reasons.

        • Watchman

          So, the optional tour is now safer Syria? /sarc

          • Clink9

            Russia, I hear it’s filled with Russians!

  • Blind Druid


  • simus1

    It is important to understand that Turkey was really two countries for the best part of the last two centuries. In broad strokes, there was the semi euro urban coastal Turkey with large cities and large varied Christian minorities within them. There was the semi feudal hinterland of the muslims mired in ignorance and hard living. Separate worlds with little contact between them.
    Islam had its place and government support with the caveat that it could have an occasional victory but getting too ambitious in the political sphere would be a bad thing. Jello was banned in Turkey – haram!
    Then someone thought building goods roads would be a good idea.
    Then someone thought welfare for poor city dwellers would be a good idea.
    Then someone pointed out this “progress” to hinterland dwellers.
    Then ergdogan got to be leader.

  • Watchman

    Sounds like a classic case off ,projection, where someone assumes that their morals and attitudes of a difference culture or country as the same ones as they experience in their home country. In the UK, getting very drunk is unlikely to lead to rape due to a certain level of morals and self control on the part of men. The same is likely to happen in most Western countries as well as in Japan.

    Her first mistake was the assumption that she would be as safe as she would be as a drunk in the UK. Her second mistake was that the Turkish police would believe that she was an innocent rapist victim and treat her with respect and kindness.

    • Cat-astrophe

      They treat innocent victims of rape by muslin men in the UK with respect and kindness?
      Just wondering……