The ‘hate preacher’ hypocrisy

Well this is interesting. I had got used to the standard response to terror. I had thought that when 22 young people get blown up by a suicide bomber in Manchester we were meant to say that it made ‘no sense’, that it ‘wouldn’t change us’ and that ‘love’ must overcome ‘hate’.

I thought that when a crowd of people get run over and a policeman stabbed to death we were meant to say ‘We may never know’ what caused such an outrage. And that when people slit the throats of Londoners while shouting ‘This is for Allah’ we agreed that only perpetrators themselves were responsible for such inexplicable actions? At most, weren’t we just meant to rouse ourselves to a chorus of ‘Don’t look back in anger’ and move on?

Well what a very different standard applies when the victims are a group of Muslims exiting a mosque.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I just can’t understand why one is worse than another.
    Need to review my hierarchy of victim groups.

  • Gary

    What was so telling about the Imams reaction after all these years of hearing muslims fear backlash from jihad slaughters was that he told the media about how he protected the driver from backlash by a group of muslim men wanted to mete out justice on the spot.

    yes folks…let’s not rush to judgement to assign blame and want revenge on a criminal that may have a mental illness as the motive . Don’t blame the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims for the action of a lone-wolf .

    Nice to see how quickly muslims showed backlash. Good luck to the mom with brake failure or a heart attack by a mosque as she is driving where her car hits muslims.
    She’s as good as dead because muslims seem to volunteer to be offended , after all, what are the odd of the sidewalk in front of a mosque having muslims there.

  • simus1

    The muslims in question weren’t “exiting a mosque”, they were waiting at a bus stop for a bus. The MSM party line seems to run: imam present, therefore mosque present, therefore attack at mosque by white infidel paid killer sent by May or Trump.
    The muslim victims likely had been to prayers at the mosque which was some distance away before they were attacked but why such an effort to tightly wrap up the package?