The Great Muslim Civil War — and Us

A Shiite Crescent running from Iran through Syria and to the Mediterranean would be bad for Sunni powers and Western democracies.

The U.S. shoots down a Syrian fighter-bomber. Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria. Russia threatens to attack coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates. What is going on? It might appear a mindless mess, but the outlines are clear.

The great Muslim civil war, centered in Syria, is approaching its post–Islamic State phase. It’s the end of the beginning. The parties are maneuvering to shape what comes next.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In this analysis, Israel is the elephant in the room, rather surprising coming from Krauthammer. Israel just yesterday struck Syrian army positions by air after incoming shells hit its turf on the Golan Heights. Netanyahu has said more than once that if Israel is attacked or feels immanently threatened, it will intervene, and Russia knows it.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I used to like Krauthammer but then along came Trump.
      Krauthammer shit the bed in his opposition to the only viable candidate who could take down the Clintons.

  • Starlord

    If it happens can we sit this one out and let them destroy each other. Plus it won’t be folder for the Western islamists oh, remember jn 2018 you sided with Sunnis or shia blah blah. Nope Islam this one is on your, let the games begin (per se)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Eventually one of these fucktards will get a nuke and use it on someone and someone else will squeegee them off the planet. There will be a brief spike in the obligatory terrorism of peace but even liberal pansies will get fed up and a half billion Arabs and such will be incinerated. We get to start over except with humans this time

  • DMB

    There is nothing civil about Islam not even their wars.

    • Starlord

      Very true words.

  • Ho Hum

    According to the neocon Krauthammer “A Shiite Crescent running from Iran through Syria and to the Mediterranean would be bad for Sunni powers and Western democracies”

    How is this bad for “Western democracies”? We should stay the hell out of this region. Million’s of innocent people have died in wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya started by the United States at the behest of the Charles Krauthammer’s of the world.

    As for shiites vs sunni’s the shiites tend to be more moderate than the sunni’s. Look at the picture below. This is Aleppo Syria yesterday. You will never see a scene like this in Saudi Arabia. These are the people that the west is allying with the Sunni’s to wipe out.