Sounds reasonable…

Suspected terrorist accused of Finsbury Park van attack ‘was motivated in his hatred of Muslims by watching BBC’s Three Girls drama about Rochdale grooming gang’

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  • Spatchcocked

    Quisling Liberal cowardice and incompetence begins to reap the whirlwind.

  • bargogx1

    Well then, I guess the British authorities better spring in to action, and ensure that no more such hate-inspiring, Islamophobic tv productions ever see the light of day. And those victims must be silenced too, they are being “divisive” and causing “hate”!

  • DMB

    When governments break the social contract they have with their population by no longer protecting them from internal security dangers and the police no longer protect the people from dangerous criminals running people over with vehicles out of a sense of injustice is not the answer. Mainly it is very ineffective with few targets neutralized and nearly 100% chance of either being killed or incarcerated. The most effective way to combat lawlessness when there is a break down in law and order is vigilantism. Identify the ones causing the criminality and discreetly take action.