Ramadan Rage 2017: Casualties Surpass 3,000 Including 1,539 Deaths and 1,572 Injuries

With only one day left in this year’s holiest month for Muslims, the fatalities at 1,539 have more than tripled the estimated 421 that took place during the entire Ramadan period last year, considered one of the bloodiest in recent memory.

The 3,111 total number of casualties (1,539 murders and 1,572 injuries) have also nearly tripled the estimated 1,150 (421 deaths and 729 injuries) that took place in 2016.

The Religion of Peace is holding its annual Ramadan Bombathon.

  • Dana Garcia

    There is some disagreement among the faithful when this year’s chop-a-thon will end, given the advanced astronomy involved.


  • Yep, this year’s Bombathon has been quite the exciting event. You pray for a while, you fast for a while, then you have a nice feast in the evening with the family and kids and friends. And the following day you go out on a killing spree inspired by the previous evening’s events. Better than Christmas! No wonder Justin Trudeau wants to make Islam Canada’s Official State religion — the peace and joy accomplished by slitting people’s throats…

  • This must be some kind of record.

    Records are made to be broken.