New Low In Low Tech Mayhem: Taliban weaponize summer favorite fruit with Watermelon Bomb

Stay alert on your next summer picnic. Don’t accept strange fruit from Jihadis.

Sixteen years after the beginning of the US war in Afghanistan, the Taliban are still highly active, controlling broad areas of the country and continuing to target and kill civilians, political figures and military targets. As summer gets under way, they have a new weapon at their disposal – bombs concealed in watermelons.

  • bob e

    Are these seeded or seedless watermelons ..??

    • Watchman

      Seeded: desirable extra fragmentation loading for enhanced wounding.

  • Ed


    • Maurice Miner

      Yes, wait until KFC buckets of wings are booby-trapped!

  • DMB

    ISIS is no doubt prepared and will counteract watermelon bombs with their condom bombs for control over Afghanistan.

  • Weaponized watermelons — sounds like these boys are from Texas! 😉

    Back in the ’60’s I went to a big outdoor rock concert in T.O. (they used to hold them in High Park). It was a major Hippie/camp-out/freak-out event — everybody was stoned out their minds. I brought a watermelon in my backpack. But I forgot to bring a knife — and none of the other Hippies had knives either (group pacifism can sometimes lead to inconveniences).

    It was frustrating to have this huge delicious thirst-quenching watermelon, while sitting in the hot sun, and unable to dig into it. So I decided to break it open by smashing it over my knee — watermelon, pieces, and seeds went flying everywhere. Everyone within a thirty-foot radius was showered with the debris — stoners watched in hypnotic amazement as seeds and mush descended in slow motion from the heavens.

  • andycanuck
  • Bla Bla

    Such vermin that only know death and destruction.

  • Clausewitz

    Gallagher, please come home, all is forgiven…….