Muslim “refugee” convicted of child molestation blames Canada for not explaining it was against the law

‘I’m a victim,’ insists man guilty of child pornography, sexual assault

Diversity sucks, like Justin.

Despite describing himself as a victim, a man guilty of child pornography and sexually assaulting minors was handed a 12-year sentence Friday.

Part of that term includes a conviction for obstructing justice when Tanzirul Alam, through hundreds of phone calls while in the Calgary Remand Centre, convinced one of his victims to lie in court for him.

…He said the Canadian government does a poor job in educating newcomers like him to the country’s legal realities and predicted more refugees would be committing similar offences.

“I believe, in a way, I’m a victim of a system that is not perfect,” said Alam, who apologized to his victims, one of whom looked on.

  • ontario john

    To be fair, islam does warp the brain.

  • David Murrell

    Let’s not forget that,Tanzirul Alam, in assaulting minors, was in a new country, where cultural mores differ from his troubled homeland. His sexual assaults were a cry for help. /sarc off

    • Yes, we should be more culturally sensitive.

    • Editor

      Having read a lot of your posts, the /sarc tag was not necessary. Knowing Canada’s muslim apologist left, it probably was. They would probably agree with it.

    • Watchman

      Was it a cry for ‘More girl victims, please. Three is quite insufficient’?

  • Rephughee

    But the Canadian travel pamphlet distributed by the Liberals explained it as a child sex tour!

  • Sharkibark

    Can we bring back the death penalty please?

    • Martin B

      It would have come in handy.

      >>He [the judge] also noted that Alam continued his sex crimes while on release from the remand centre in 2014<<

      • Watchman

        Thought experiment: You appear in court, charged with serious criminal violations of the law, yet are released on remand. At what point do you decide that your host country, Canada, might consider your behaviour unacceptable and that consequently you might want to stop such behaviour?

      • Anonymous

        He sure did. The amount of unpublished details would cause an uproar! The judge called him a self serving liar and I happen to know his race and religion had nothing to do with his crimes.

  • Editor

    “…He said the Canadian government does a poor job in educating newcomers like him . . .”

    And I bet every muslim community organizer, spokesperson and immigration sponsorship NGO would be up in arms if Canada did “educate” new arrivals about our laws and traditions. It would be decried as paternalistic, condescending and surely racist, sexist and islamophobic. The only way to win would be not to play.

    • Watchman

      Would an islamic death penalty for fornication for this man send an appropriate message to immigrants, ‘pour encourager les autres’?

  • dukestreet

    They generally are educated on how to take advantage of us and think that welfare is due them as Jizya, that is owed from none Muslims to Muslims as a form of tax. They are quite happy to ignore our laws since they aren’t in the Koran etc.

  • ismiselemeas

    It’s hard to judge people through the prism of a moral compass when they have no moral compass themselves nor the desire to assume one.

    • WalterBannon

      Make me a judge and just watch me judge them.

      Death sentence for all Muslims, for all crimes.

      Not allowed by the law you say. So what, liberal judges ignore the law all the time.

    • shasta

      I disagree. He had a moral compass and followed it; it is Canadian governments that seem to have a lack in this area.
      He should never have been allowed a residency in Canada with his belief in the supremacy of his religion over Canadian law.
      Further, we are constantly told that ignorance of the law is no excuse, so his argument is not valid.
      His punishment was light; a more appropriate one would be castration. This would have the advantage of, in all likelihood, being cheaper, and also would reduce the recidivism rate.

  • barryjr

    Just shoot all child rapists and anybody that would try to defend their sick actions. End of problem.

    • shasta

      Shooting defenders of child rapists would I think tread on their free speech rights, and I could not support that. The rapists themselves; I have no objection to shooting them, though I think castration would be a more educational solution.

      • barryjr

        Lawyers and social workers as enemies if Canadian values shouldn’t have any rights.

        • shasta

          Sorry, but free speech is a Canadian value and I don’t need anyone restricting my exercise of it. Laws should be formulated to restrict behaviour to keep it within societies norms, not to limit opinion or thought.

          • barryjr

            Anybody that would advocate for somebody committing an act as heinous as child abuse doesn’t deserve to be heard from. I am sure that the defendant didn’t plan and carry out his attempted defense on his own without his lawyer telling him what defense tactic to try and coaching him every step of the way. The defendant knew what he did was wrong as evidenced by his convincing one of his victims to lie for him in the hope that he could get off. The lawyer obviously knew that this was going on and that the defendant had committed these acts yet he dreamed up this convoluted “pity me” defense. I’m sorry but this lawyer/client secrecy thing goes to far and this idea of some con artist trying to defend somebody that everybody including the con artist knows is guilty is wrong and goes against our values. Acting as an advocate for an animal such as this just proves you don’t care about innocent young victims and only care for your own fame and riches.I agree with free speech as long as it is honest and truthful not full of deceit as this defense was. Screw putting this animal in jail and feeding him, just send him home to his 3rd world shithole and let him live there as the animal he is.

  • Canadian Born

    Not one political politician that has the balls, to stop this insanity. What the fuck is the matter with this country? Oh right the word deport, is not in the asshole Juniors’ vocabulary.

  • Watchman

    Did the judge ask him if sexually assaulting a child in Bangladesh would incur no penalties in his home country? No penalty from the state, no penalty from the tribe, and no penalty from the family of the child?

    I looked it up: the Bangladeshi state penalty is death by stoning for a married man, and 100 lashes if he is unmarried. Since the offences went on for years with three girl victims, it is probably that his penalty, even if unmarried would be thousands of lashes of the whip.

    “Alam, 29, insisted his difficult upbringing in Bangladesh, which included being tortured by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, contributed to his offences in Canada.”
    I’m not sure how a difficult upbringing in Bangladesh turns a person into a pervert, unless this ‘difficult upbringing’ is his muslim education.

    • Alain

      You nailed it by raising that excellent point.

  • Alain

    In a sad way he has a point in that the government sends out totally mixed and even contradictory messages to all people. On one hand there is no end to promoting and protecting every sexual perversion even pushing the agenda on primary school students while on the other hand there remains some of those old fashioned laws protecting children. I wonder if perhaps his lawyers didn’t have this in mind when they likely suggested he claim he didn’t know it was wrong. No, I am not excusing him for a second and am fed up with the perpetual victim card played by Muslims and just about every minority these days.

    • Anonymous

      He actually went through so many lawyers! He knew it was wrong as he kept his crimes going while on strict parole conditions. His race and religion had nothing to do with it.

  • If these guys needs certain things explained to them, they should not be allowed to enter the country.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, the judge did call him a liar. And there were alot of details left out. These crimes honestly had nothing to do with his race or religion.