Jewish Defence League members planning anti-Islam ‘death march’ at Toronto Pride parade

Members of the Jewish Defence League plan to march in the Toronto Pride parade, Xtra has learned.

They are planning what they call a “death march” that will include fake severed heads, caskets, drums and a litany of anti-Islamic signs.

  • Bla Bla

    They certainly have balls!

    • Canadian Born

      Wonder what our provincial government charge them with? You know they will charge them with some thing because of that M103 idiotic motion that was brought in!

      • Bla Bla

        If I had to wager a guess, it would fall under some sort of generic ‘hate crime’ /incitement charge. M103 is an abomination in this country.

        But I’m guessing they will attempt to stop them. It will be interesting indeed!

        • Observer

          The Federal government still has the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the province the Ontario Human Rights Commission which can bring charges to bring them to their government commissions quasi-judicial hearings in an attempt to bring the full weight of state and to try to financially bankrupt their targets.

          It the is standard operating procedure since they don’t have to meet the standards of a real court, only their commissions arbitrary standards.

          This was how they tried to force Mark Steyn as well as Ezra Levant to publicly capitulate their views.

          • Which is why you should never even show up to these kangaroo hearings. It means the only way they can get you is by convincing a real prosecutor to swear out a real warrant for real police to arrest you on a real charge. Which will be heard in a real court by a real Judge or Jury with real representation.

  • I don’t know. What if there are no cement barricades there?

    • Then people like JDL would probably be the only ones with the balls to fight any terrorists or attack. Gay Cops have been banned from the parade by BLM, so the cops will probably march in their civvies with their dongs flopping around in front of the kiddies, like any normal “family” event.

      Btw, how much is the involuntary taxpayer bill this year? One $million, two $million? Funny how they don’t give a penny to the Portuguese parade — Emanuel Jaques?

      • Clink9

        Why are there never any groups of tow truck drivers or shoe salesmen in the homosexual parade?

        It’s always cops, firefighters, teachers etc.

      • There should be no money for any parade save a Canada Day or Remembrance Day parade.

        Surely the roof-divers can get everyone to fund their pervie fests.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It’s important to have voices of dissent against Islam.
    Good luck to them!

  • bob e

    take it to ’em guy’s ..

  • Wow, quite the glowing report on JDL by Xtra. Although Xtra obviously hates JDL with their one-sided report, but for the rest of us the idea of “muscle” is the obvious next step to stand up to the political madness — it’s great news! Calls for muscle seem to be coming from many quarters now — the Left is assaulting, threatening, and killing too many people, and losing control. I’m conservative and libertarian — in other words cautious and patient, and generally laissez-faire. But if these people are really out to kill us then I don’t see the slightest moral problem with blowing their brains out first (in self-defense). 🙂

    I’ve witnessed two civil wars in my lifetime (overseas), heck if God wants me to go through another one and kick the commies in the balls again, then who am I to complain? People like me and from my era will be scoring a triple against the Commies, especially since we already know their tactics and we can teach the younger generation how to really grab the commies by the short and curlies (although most of them today probably have Brazilians).

    • Bla Bla

      They (the left) will regret it when they silent majority decide that they have had enough and demand that they be brought to heel. And this is starting to happen now.

  • Tweety58
    • Bernie

      Islam needs to be treated in the same manner as their Nazi Teachers.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Muslim counter-counter protestors will show up with real heads in baskets.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Truth Visits Toronto Pride Parade 2017

    Can Toronto handle it? Prolly not.

  • andycanuck

    Gee. I wonder how they’ll be treated contrasted with BLM last year. (And this?)