Istanbul Gay Pride banned for ‘safety concerns’: official

So disappointed!

ISTANBUL (AFP) – Turkish authorities said on Saturday that an annual Gay Pride march in Istanbul’s Taksim Square would be banned due to “safety concerns”, defying the calls of organisers.

Activists had called for the march for 5 pm (1400 GMT) on Sunday but the city governor’s office said that Taksim was not an official rallying ground.

“There will be no permission for a demonstration or a march on the said date considering the safety of tourists in the area… and public order,” it said in a statement.

  • mobuyus

    Safety concerns? They just don’t want to see Erdogan in pink fuzzy chaps with a pink fuzzy cowboy hat prancing around.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I wonder what Turkish gays are proud of.

    • bob e

      the same sick shit all gays are proud of ..

  • If they want Gay rights to succeed in any Islamic country, then it can’t be the Western fascist-Marxist version of Gay rights. Where the latter idolizes and deifies Gays granting them dictatorial power over others, enforced by the State. Heck, even in the West at least 50% of the population rejects the fascist-Marxist version of Gay rights — why would these Lefto-centric morons assume that Muslims would accept it? Turning victims into victimizers isn’t the solution — it only makes the problem twice as bad.

  • Alain

    I am no fan of Turkey but I find disgusting that it is condemned for not idolising homosexuality nor the latest fashion: trannyism. This is actually likely the only positive thing the country has going for it today.

  • bob e

    Ergo must be proud of this photo. shows remarkable inclusion ..

  • Gary

    Toronto will be the same way at the rate the islamists are pouring in.
    Expect the Santa parade to be the first one axed thanks to muslims.

  • barryjr

    Friggin bigoted muzzie assholes.