Girl, 13, dropped Rotherham rape complaint after police lost her clothes – court


A 13-year-old girl withdrew allegations of being repeatedly raped and physically attacked after police in Rotherham lost clothes that could have provided DNA evidence, a court heard.

The now-adult woman said South Yorkshire Police officers in 2003 had offered her ‘no protection’ after she told them she had been sexually assaulted on several occasions by Sageer Hussain.

…The woman, giving evidence behind a screen, was asked by Kitty Taylor, representing Hussain, why she had withdrawn allegations she had made in April 2003 around a week after speaking to police. She said: “I withdrew it because they wouldn’t give me any protection and told me they had already lost my clothes, there was no DNA, it was my word against his. That is why I withdrew.”

  • bargogx1

    I’m sure one of Britain’s finest sharia compliant totatlitarian police forces “lost” that girl’s clothes completely accidentally through absolutely no fault of their own.

  • bob e

    Good post B M. Beyond comprehension & certainly beyond
    meager heartbrake ..

  • Gary

    Muhammad made it clear that terrorism works to get your way.