Douglas Murray: ‘I’d sensed for a long time we were doing something crazy to Europe’

Terrorism and the scale of immigration mean “public attitudes are moving only in one direction everywhere”.

France has the biggest problem with Islamic extremism, he says: “… no doubt … it’s got all sorts of things, even more wrong than everyone else has …”

But it, like America, has a strong civic identity that has helped it cope with attacks – Britain, he says, does not have such an identity.

  • sheikyermami

    Britain has been destroyed by traitors from within. In some areas you have over 70% of single mothers. That means a total collapse of civil society.

    • deplorabledave

      I can attest to that.

    • Shebel

      Are they all Black or have other sponges noticed the advantage ?

    • Shebel

      Let me take a wild guess—

      92 % of the 70% never worked a day in their life .

      And don’t dare mention DADDY—–

      Cause the the Schools are now the CO-Parent .

      But, but– Daddy—– ” Don’t gwine talk bout daddy “.

      “Daddy be back on the street in 3 years– den yo gon pay for real”!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Even atheists should call themselves Christian”

    Probably true.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Atheists should be grateful for the protections afforded them by living in Christian societies.
      But they aren’t.

      • Shebel

        Atheists only ATTACK Peaceful Religions.
        They promote the Violent religion.
        Because they are chicken shit.

  • Why doesn’t Britain have this identity that allows it to cope with terrorist attacks?

    • dance…dancetotheradio


      • What I’ve seen of Britons dealing with these attacks makes me wonder how they’ve lasted this long.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I have a different answer.
          East Enders and Coronation Street.

    • Minicapt

      Because those who have established themselves as experts in this field have decided so.


    • Shebel

      Because they have SURRENDERED–
      – To the Threat of Violence.
      – Have LOST their Identity and Pride.
      – are Cowards.

  • Shebel

    I love the way you Pose–
    Hand with fingers loose.
    Thumb behind the ear. Listening intently.
    Fingers spread from forehead (intelligence)
    To over the whole skull —

    And a Forlorn facial expression—–

    Why don’t People understand – ” Just how intelligent – I am”.

    It is a real Mystery.

    • Watchman

      I disagree: it’s his reflective face on thinking how he will be given the opportunity to fly after the takeover of Britain and Shari’a law introduced. An opportunity to fly off a tall building under the supervision of muslims, that is.

      • Shebel

        Honest to Christ. It is not like I am attempting to be insensitive.
        BUT— for this Doug Murray asshole to go on about that he is suddenly about to unleash a startling Revelation —-
        It is more than mere mortal idiots should be forced to absorb.
        I am still attempting to come to Grips with the Fact that —
        We LOVE and Promote those that want to Destroy US.
        It is going to to take me a While.

        • Watchman

          Britain is a classed society: Tommy Robinson appeals to a particular class, Douglas Murray speaks to a different class in a way that Tommy’s language and class does not have a hope of influencing. We need both to talk to the different classes.

          • Class is more important in Britain but I’m not sure it’s orders of magnitude more so than in Canada. Brits are obsessed with the subject, but usually (in the case of the middle classes) it’s quite guiltily and very self-consciously. Tommy is articulate and quite charming. He won’t put off middle-class people who aren’t determined to hate him. Here’s this, for example:

            And look at the comments. These are people who read The Spectator, an aged, (allegedly) conservative tory magazine. It’s not the Daily Mail.

          • Shebel

            So how is this different from the LEFT in Canada or the USA that want to open the Borders—-
            and dilute the rest of us— Plebeians
            While maintaining their secure Position ?

          • Well I was just talking about Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon and how broad his appeal might be.

          • Shebel

            NO! WE do Not.
            Forget about the Aristocracy— and they think just like US.
            What are the different Classes ?
            If you want to talk
            about CLASS—
            Identify them—Please.

            We have a common Enemy.

  • Shebel

    Coffee —not touched.
    Newspaper–not opened.
    Shirt sleeves rolled up on one arm and a ‘cast’ on the other.

    • bob e

      good posts mate .. great video

  • Gary

    In my area of Toronto I’m hearing non-white immigrants ( people) with accents talking to friends about the french deserve the attacks in Paris for how they treat muslims and keep them in ghettos.

    The muslims parachuting into Toronto choose to segregate in enclaves by nationality , sect and colour. Regent Park cost over $1 billion to renovate and is now 60% muslim immigrants and refugees in Niqabs.
    They have made it a ghetto and act like the Master-Race by imposing sharia in the Rec Centre where they took over the community Pool and have Muslim-only swim times. Our liberals at city hall allow new comers to go on welfare and then take over Government Housing as if they own it as squatters.
    When all of their babies are about 17 , they will do what the ungrateful muslims did in England as Sweden and go Jihad for allah .