Christie booked drag queens Aura Nova, Cira Flexion, Jasmine Black and Robyn DeCradle for storytime

Toronto library amps up programming for children during Pride Month


h/t AM

  • Editor

    I noticed most of the organizers of these events are women. And one most probably gay guy. Not sure what this says but it says something. The feminization of society continues apace.

  • Liberal Progressive

    I am sure the children are in very safe hands and that this will have no negative effects on their psyches.

  • Who is worse: these freaks, the library or the parents who take their kids there?

    • Editor

      I’d say the parents, by far. If nobody showed up, the whole exercise would be moot.

      • Observer

        First I blame the parents who take their children to this.

        Next I blame the employees who either organized this or supported this, along with their labour union and the politicians who support this sort of thing.

        I do not blame the book readers as everybody is telling them this is a great thing, so with so much encouragement, what would you expect at least a few people to go for it.

      • Then f— the parents.

        It’s time to have IQ tests for voting, driving, owning property and having kids.

  • ontario john

    I bet they will volunteer to take the kiddies to the washroom as well.