al Quds Day in Toronto- So pitiful the 12th Imam vowed to stay hidden out of shame

K and I attended the al Quds Day rally today. The JDL were in fine form and a good time was had by all.

The Khomeinist turnout was low, certainly the lowest I have witnessed, perhaps topping 1500 Twelvers and assorted useful idiots like the Communist party of Canada.

I suspect Islam’s civil war has dampened Sunni enthusiasm for the Ayatollah’s annual shindig, I suspect also that a rift exists within the Shia community further lowering the turnout.

Oh and Kevin Barret did make an appearance, Barret is no worse than the local speakers of recent years, certifiably 100% Jew Hatey. The Khomeinists will likely post a vid of his ramblings on YouTube, they’re pretty brazen that way. I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

Pic courtesy Greg Renouf

This year the police kept everyone well separated until the end of the march at the US Consulate. Reader Chris D. Sent along this pic from Ayatollah Alley, note the heavy police presence as they speak to some Pro-Israel interlopers.

The Ayatollah Idolizers had their women march at the back of the parade. This just goes to show how diversity enriches us all. I’m sure glad to have been enlightened by Justin Trudeau as to the wonders of our shared values with Islam.

Conspiracy is the air Islam breathes, signs pointing out the collaboration between Zionism, the IDF and ISIS were common.

This is kinda funny, the professional nutters Neturei Karta attended but didn’t march, they did loan a sign…